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Stranger than fiction

An 86-year-old man is gardening in his yard. He drops his pruning shears, which stick in the ground pointy end down. While leaning down to pick them up, he loses his balance and falls face first onto the shears. One … Continue reading

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How safe are your passwords?

I’ve been reading up lately on password security, and learned a few interesting things. Last year, hackers broke into Gawker Media, a well-used American blogging network, and stole 200,000 passwords. The two most common passwords in the bunch? 123456 and…wait … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

After the Death Valley wallpaper two weeks ago, this one was a given. But you’d never mistake this scene for anywhere in North (or South) America, unless a nearby zoo had lost its population of camels. Looking at the enormity … Continue reading

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Biomimicry: the art of copying Mother Nature

When you look at a kingfisher’s beak and head, do you think of a bullet train? Japanese engineers did. They built a fast train, but there was an unforeseen problem: the blunt nose of the train didn’t move through air … Continue reading

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Spilt milk

Yesterday my wife was counseling me to stop stressing about something which had already happened and which was out of my hands. In the course of our conversation, she said, “Não chorar sobre leite derramado.” Which translates to, “Don’t cry … Continue reading

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Casey at the Mac — I mean, bat

The tech world is on fire today with the news of Steve Job’s resignation as CEO of Apple. Opinion pieces, historical reviews and business evaluations are thick on the ground, most saying variations of the same thing. But one piece … Continue reading

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A dying city? We think not

I’m late to this party, and many of you may already have seen it, but for those of you who didn’t… In January of this year, Newsweek included Grand Rapids, Michigan on its list of “America’s Dying Cities.” In an … Continue reading

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Yes means yes, ctd.

The confirming responses from Portuguese readers to “Yes means yes” has me wondering a bit more deeply about this cultural facet. Where does it come from, and was there ever a time when it had some useful purpose? Usually, cultural … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

This one is a bit of a departure, but it works beautifully as wallpaper — and I especially like the photographer’s use of an utterly mundane subject to create an optical illusion. The water droplets appear to be floating in … Continue reading

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Here there be dragons

I didn’t know dragons really existed! Though, they’re a bit smaller than I imagined: More photos and a little explanatory text here. The species in this blog post is Draco volans — punch that into Google Images and prepare for … Continue reading

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