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Saturday picture show

Yes, it’s real.

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National Geographic on the veranda

A few days ago a new spider appeared on my veranda, with a web strung across my succulent pot. I’d never seen anything quite like it. She had vertical stripes of silk woven above and below the center section of … Continue reading

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It’s enough to make a photographer cry

On 8 June I posted the fabulous NASA photo of Endeavor docked to the International Space Station — the last such image that would ever be taken. Today I learned the dark side of that photo: the Nikon that took … Continue reading

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That figures recently interviewed Carolyn Porco, director of NASA’s Cassini project, which has returned such fascinating results from Saturn’s rings and moons. The interview got interesting when asked Dr. Porco which moon she would bet on for extraterrestrial life. … Continue reading

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Geekiest anniversary gift ever

Geeks around the world, watch and learn: After one commenter asked, “What did your wife think of it?” the original poster replied, “She liked it. Wasn’t too happy about me clearing all her icons off her desktop but she liked … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

In solidarity and sympathy for the people of Norway, who surely live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If only beauty could overcome the ugliness in the hearts of evil men — what a world we would … Continue reading

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Saturday picture show: The Shuttles

In celebration of the final flight of both Atlantis and the US Space Shuttle program, here are some of the best photos from the last two missions, courtesy of Astronomy Photo of the Day. (Click on each photo for more … Continue reading

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Not a tall tale

The story usually goes something like this: “You people in (location X) have never even seen a real storm. Why, where I come from, we get hailstones the size of tennis balls.” Residents of Vivian, South Dakota can make this … Continue reading

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Grade inflation

Having been a nearly straight-A student in both high school and university (math was always my downfall), I had quite a shock when I took my first Portuguese language class at the University of Algarve and came away with a … Continue reading

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Liking and loving

An email from my Swedish friend got me to thinking about the words for liking and loving. It sounds as if Swedish is quite similar to Portuguese (and probably many other European languages) in having a very strong distinction between … Continue reading

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