Wallpaper Monday

Planet New York

Congratulations, New York!

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Socialist heathen and Mac-using author of the Chronicles of Alsea, who enjoys pondering science, politics, well-honed satire (though sarcastic humor can work, too) and all things geeky.
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14 Responses to Wallpaper Monday

  1. MJ Valente says:

    Very cool. My heart is doing a little swing of happiness for the New Yorkers. πŸ™‚

  2. Alma says:

    Way cool. And that site name is great!

  3. JBrandao says:

    And once again NY can claim to be the true capital of the world.

    • Inge says:

      Why? Because they finally decide to join the rest of the world? I do not know if you’re an american or not, but really the world?? *snort*

      Well if we are selecting a capital of the world, i’m selecting The forbidden city in China. It holds a lot more history and tragedy than NY.

      • JBrandao says:

        I am not american.

        Well, first of all, the “forbidden city” is not a city at all, but a palace complex. Sure, a gigantic palace, but still… a palace. Second of all, no one actually lives there, so it can hardly represent mankind. And thirdly, it’s located in a country which is for all intents and purposes ruled by a dictatorship, with a vast disregard for human rights, and freedom of speech. So… no. No place in China is the capital of the world. Fortunately.

        • Inge says:

          Neither am i. But what you said about China, can be said about the USA as well to some extent (remember Bush?). However let’s not go into that, because it shows that we both judge other countries by our own standards, which is, as i have learned by now, the worst thing one can do.

          It’s a palace, but it hasn’t been abandoned as long as NY has taken to be a capital. Also, major history points for the palace. Besides an emperor.. naah it rules. πŸ™‚

          • JBrandao says:

            The palace is a little over 600 years old. New York was settled in the 1600’s. It’s not like New York has only existed for the past 10 years. And besides… history just as quantity does not equate to quality.

            I honestly think New York has been the capital of the world since the 30’s. It’s cosmopolitan, highly populated, with great architecture, great museums, great theater and a lot of money. And when aliens attack, they always go for the big apple. That has to count for something πŸ™‚

            Oh, and Bush was elected (unfortunately) and as bad as he was (and oh boy, was he…) he stepped down at the end of his terms as president, as any other democratic politician would. Give me Bush over the Chinese government any time (seriously now… don’t. I don’t want him. I was just making a point :p)

          • oregon expat says:

            Well, Bush is quite a bit out of date these days. But I could offer you Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann or Newt Gingrich! Want ’em??

            You’re totally right about the aliens always attacking NYC. Though they do occasionally take a detour to Los Angeles.

          • Inge says:

            I can’t seem to reply on your answer JBrandao, so i’ll post it here. πŸ™‚

            Seriously, it was only settled in the 1600’s?? I gave it more. πŸ˜‰ All right back to seriousness. Quantity and quality.. You and I believe the democratic way is the way to go. We grew up in it, so we have to believe it.. But let’s not miss the obvious flaws in this: our politicians are always looking for the quick fix. I have yet to see one that really tries to send its country into the far future. And we as people love this, because we want to see our immediate needs solved. But sadly the grand picture for our country is lost. So no, i do not believe that the democratic way is the ultimate answer. China has always had a way for planning longer term.. Sadly they lost sight of the value of life due to this thinking. So i don’t think this is the answer either.

            But what i do believe is that a country gets the leadership its people want. When they didn’t, it ultimately got overturned (arabic revolutions, apartheid,..) so yes countries have their own way and own kind of leadership. I am not to say that it is wrong for them, because they obviously want it. I wouldn’t like living there, but again it’s more about my believe of what is right or wrong than what there actually is right or wrong.

            Since China has about a billion people it is more representative than another country. It’s firmly on its way to be the major economic partner. This city is the largest example of musea in this area.. well maybe the big wall. Also the different ‘tribes’ or how you want to call them, make china as multiculti as any country.

            Shall we agree to disagree. NY will never be the capital of the world in my opinion, because it just lacks too many things to make it truly great. As i’m sure you’ll not change your opinion about it πŸ˜‰
            (also, i think Oregon Expat is getting bored of our discussion)

          • oregon expat says:

            Nope, go right ahead! Healthy discussion is almost never boring, unless you’re discussing something like the superiority of Belgian beers… πŸ˜‰

  4. JR says:

    Ah, I had a bet with myself over what your wallpaper choice was going to be today. I was more or less correct–I thought it *might* be one of the rainbow Empire State Building shots, but at least I was in the right part of the world.

    • oregon expat says:

      Oh no, I’m becoming predictable!

      • JR says:

        I suppose you’d have to be somewhat predictable to ensure repeat readers/visitors, right? God knows I don’t have time for the randomness that is The Internet. That being said, I definitely wasn’t expecting a discussion on ants this evening πŸ™‚ That study reminds me of Richard Feynman’s experiment with ants, sugar and markers.

        • oregon expat says:

          I hadn’t heard of that experiment — just looked it up and thoroughly enjoyed it. Feynman was so cool. Were you also aware of his “humane and non-toxic” ant removal system? Ingenious. I’ll have to try that when we have our inevitable invasion sometime this summer.

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