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The kiss works

It’s hot today, though not as hot as yesterday (which was 37 in the shade — that’s 99 for you Fahrenheit folks), and I find myself caught in the grip of laziness. So I’m just going to drink a cold … Continue reading

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Headline of the day

This one cracked me up. From those irrepressible Brits, a Guardian headline about the Vatican’s entry into social media: MY TWEET LORD: POPE JOINS TWITTER AND LAUNCHES NEW VATICAN WEBSITE Well done, Guardian! Of course, the down side to this … Continue reading

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Hey buddy, can you lend me a jaw?

What’s an ant to do when it finds a food item that is too large to carry back to the nest? Army ants, which forage in groups, will form teams that cart the food item back. Workers of other species … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Congratulations, New York!

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Apple’s golden ratio

Last April I wrote a post about the golden ratio, among other fun mathematical concepts, and pointed out how often it can be seen in life and art. Today I stumbled across a new example, courtesy of Apple. Most of … Continue reading

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Learning the metaphors

The best part of learning a new language is when the metaphors and similes begin to make sense. I was reminded of this today, when my wife and I were making plans for running errands. I said, “Oh, and we … Continue reading

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Time Out

I have found a wonderful little program to save me from myself. As many of us know, computer work (or even play) has a tendency to suck us in for hours at a time, during which we sit on our … Continue reading

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Bed linen seasons

I’ve mused in the past about just how long the Algarvean spring lasts, and how to distinguish it from winter. Basing such distinctions on rainfall or blooming times isn’t very effective, leading me to postulate that spring lasts about five … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

There are a zillion photos of last week’s lunar eclipse, but this one beats them all. Taken by Chris Kotsiopoulos, a Greek photographer whose images have frequently appeared in NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, it’s a wonderful example of … Continue reading

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Saturday picture show

The Namib Desert, Sicily, the Kamchatka and Qindoa Peninsulas, the Zagros Mountains of Iran, Utah’s Great Salt Lake…this video takes you on an orbital-view tour of your planet, courtesy of the digital cameras of NASA astronauts. It’s a lovely, quiet … Continue reading

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