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The largest telescope on Earth

Remember when I posted that awesome presentation of the Scale of the Universe? And remember how, as you moved from large to small, you realized how absolutely gigantic the wavelengths of radio waves are compared to optical light waves? Well, … Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell

Received this joke in the mail yesterday. It could only have been written by a European… Heaven is where: The police are British, The chefs are Italian, The mechanics are German, The lovers are French and it’s all organized by … Continue reading

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A dose of hummingbirds

Reader Erik, taking note of how much I miss hummingbirds, posted a great link in the comments to the Eagle Cam post. It led to a web page put up by photographer Alek Komarnitsky, who discovered the nest of a … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I was all set to post a wallpaper, but got derailed by one of the most gorgeous videos I’ve ever seen of the aurora borealis. It’s today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. Videographer Terje Sørgjerd took advantage of a major … Continue reading

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Walking in Lisboa

A couple of months ago I took a walk through Lisboa, starting in the Lapa district and heading, via a slight detour to a friend’s flat, to the river and then Belém. Here are some of the highlights: One of … Continue reading

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The advantage of dawdling

Thursdays are my day to take my stepson to school, because I teach Pilates immediately afterwards and it makes sense to merge the two driving errands together. (Three-person family + one car = careful logistical arrangements.) Since I have now … Continue reading

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It must be spring

…because the swifts are back! I just heard a screaming party go rifling past my veranda. And when I checked my blog, I found that I’d posted about their arrival last year on 21 March. Consistency, thy name is Apus … Continue reading

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A dose of clarity

As the struggle to stabilize the Fukushima reactors continues, the media coverage has ranged from understatement to confused to wild overstatement to outright hysteria. It’s hard to know where to look for any actual, y’know, facts. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

We’re back to the US for this week’s wallpaper. It’s a place most Americans can immediately identify, but few have actually seen in real life: Monument Valley. The backdrop for a zillion classic western movies, this vast sweep of land … Continue reading

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Eagle cam

Need a weekend timewaster? Try the Eagle Cam, a live feed of a bald eagle nest in Norfolk Botanical Garden, Virginia. The eagle pair being observed on their nest appear to be superstars in terms of reproductive success: where most … Continue reading

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