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Dropbox: Ease and security — and it’s free

There are a few programs out there that do really useful stuff extremely well, and are ridiculously easy to use. It’s not often that such a program also works on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, and gets rave reviews … Continue reading

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Only in America…

…would men leave their iPads at home because they can’t carry them without looking girly. According to the New York Times, men are facing a difficult fashion choice. “Women, they have purses to put this kind of stuff in; men … Continue reading

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“Men have cursed me for doing this”

When photographer Sid Ceaser decided to propose to his girlfriend of ten years, he knew it had to be special. As a lifelong fan of Jim Henson and his puppet creations, Sid wanted his proposal to involve Muppets. So he … Continue reading

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O, holy night, the stars are brightly shining

Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy has just posted his Top 14 Astronomy Pictures of 2010 (because he couldn’t narrow it down to just ten). If you enjoy astronomy, or even just like looking at pretty pictures, go over and … Continue reading

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US/Portugal: Christmas

Having just put up our Árvore de Natal (Christmas tree) this weekend, I’ve been thinking about how different the season and the holiday feels here in Portugal. Natal, or Christmas, is very much a family holiday for the Portuguese. Gift … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I got a haircut today, and struck up a conversation with the woman who washed my hair. She wanted to know where I was from, and I said the west coast of the United States. (It’s easier to say that … Continue reading

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The teddy bear of the fish world

Apropos of nothing — except perhaps that it’s Friday and time for something fun — I give you the teddy bear of the fish world: Eumicrotremus orbis, or the Pacific spiny lumpsucker. This is one of my favorite fishes, and … Continue reading

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Muddling through

This morning I drove my stepson to his new school. It’s a 20-minute drive through steep, hilly country, and while I’m already familiar with that drive, I’m decidedly not familiar with the drive from his school to São Brás, where … Continue reading

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US Department of Irony

Watching the Wikileaks saga unfold has been a fascinating journey into the twin mudholes of hypocrisy and irony. Remember when Wikileaks used to be called “the whistleblower site”? That was back when it just blew the whistle on corporations. Now … Continue reading

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The rocket docket

I’ve had Matt Taibbi’s exposé on the judicial aspect of US mortgage fraud in my “To Read” pile for three weeks, waiting for the moment when I could devote time to a complex piece of investigative journalism. When I finally … Continue reading

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