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Drug war in Rio de Janeiro’s Big Picture has a gripping series of photographs of the battle currently taking place in Rio de Janeiro, between the drug gangs who rule the favelas, and the police and military who are trying to clean up the city … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

The US state of Montana is nicknamed “Big Sky Country,” because the combination of its mountains and prairies make the sky seem larger and more majestic there than anywhere else. (Or so the natives tell you…residents of other western states … Continue reading

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A snapshot from space

At first glance, this image doesn’t seem very special. Just another satellite photo, this time of an area of Houston called Reliant Park, which houses both Reliant Stadium and the Reliant Astrodome. Except it’s not just another satellite photo. It … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I think one of the oddest things about being an expatriate is the fact that nobody here knows or recognizes the holidays I grew up with. We have Easter and Christmas in common, but that’s about it. And of all … Continue reading

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An iconic poster

I check a blog called Iconic Photos now and again, which features historically significant images and explanatory notes. Sometimes I’m clueless about the images, but today’s photo smacked me right between the eyes: There could hardly be an image more … Continue reading

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A marital moment

My wife J and I were in a local restaurant, stuffing our faces with fresh bread while waiting for our order. The ensuing conversation went something like this: … J: Did you know this restaurant buys their bread from our … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Bet you won’t guess where this is: Would you be surprised if I said Taiwan? This is a “candle rock” formation at Yehliu Geopark, located on a little spit of land at the top edge of the island, just north … Continue reading

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“Voting is a pleasure”

Disapproving Spanish eyebrows are being raised as a result of this “get out the vote” ad by the Socialist Youth of Catalonia. The ad shows a young woman making her vote count as she participates in next week’s Catalonian Parliamentary … Continue reading

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You know you’re in Portugal when…

…the balding old man who pulls his battered Renault in front of you, without so much as a glance your way to check for oncoming traffic, and who makes you stand on the brakes to avoid a collision… …has a … Continue reading

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Scientists are rock stars, too

Okay, I admit to making “squeeee!” noises when I saw this. It’s part of a fabulous fund- and awareness-raising campaign which pairs rock stars with science stars: That’s Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart on the left and right, flanking … Continue reading

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