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Saturday picture show

It’s only one picture this Saturday, but what a pic it is: This burned up the intertoobs a couple of days ago, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it comes straight out of the NASA laboratories. My first thought was … Continue reading

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A Portuguese cemetery

While my mom was visiting, we took her to a cemetery. Located in a tiny coastal village, it was quite small. But the Portuguese are very good at maximizing the space in their cemeteries. I’m guessing that an actual burial … Continue reading

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US/Portugal: credit card limits

A friend and I were recently discussing lessons we learned from our parents, and I mentioned that mine instilled some fairly ironclad rules in us regarding money. One of those rules was that credit cards should always be paid off … Continue reading

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Barnacle glue

I just received my Natural History magazine (finally publishing again after a seven-month hiatus, hooray!), and was immediately fascinated by the latest research on barnacle glue. Now, this might sound like the most boring topic since the last time someone … Continue reading

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Wait a minute…

I’ve been reading Matt Taibbi’s archives and chortling over some of his phrasing. Here’s a great one: It used to take the commercial media at least a day or two to spread a botched news story from coast to coast, … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Having just watched a gorgeous sunset (one of the wonderful things about the Algarve in the autumn/winter), I was cruising for a sunset wallpaper and stumbled across this beauty: Would you have guessed that this is the Mediterranean? This little … Continue reading

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Champion veranda plant

Gardening in the Algarve is a challenge for someone raised in western Oregon. I’m used to container plants (excluding spring bulbs) just starting to bloom in April or so, growing madly all summer, and dying off beginning in September. Here, … Continue reading

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Dehydration and irony

Today’s post will be short, because I’m suffering from drool-induced dehydration after yesterday’s unveiling of the new MacBook Air. Both my wife and I have been overcome with a collective case of tech lust. (Purgatory = tech lust + no … Continue reading

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A conversation in Portuguese

My stepson is learning English at a rather amazing rate. He hears it around the house, of course, and his brain soaks it up. But he’s also learning a lot on video games. I suppose I can’t get too down … Continue reading

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US/Portugal: Stopped by a train

The other day I was stopped by a train. As I sat there in my car, peering down the tracks for the first sign of the oncoming engine, I couldn’t help but compare waiting for a train in Portugal to … Continue reading

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