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A scientific comparison of oranges

As a recent immigrant to the Algarve, I have developed a fine appreciation of the local oranges. So fine that we recently had to buy a new juicer because I wore out the last one. Yesterday we did our grocery … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Okay, I’m cheating a little bit today. This week’s featured “wallpaper” really isn’t big enough to qualify. In fact, the largest image I could find is only 647 x 430 pixels. But after reading news about flooding in Pakistan, a … Continue reading

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This is why I keep reading news from home

Because the Pacific Northwest is full of seriously odd people, and headlines like this one are a wonderful counterpoint to all of the depressing crap coming out of the national news: Burglars Leave Behind Sex Tape In Elma Break-In Yes, … Continue reading

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The most hated woman in Britain

In case this hasn’t reached the US press yet (though it’s definitely in the blogosphere), Britain is in an uproar at the moment regarding a woman whose casual act of animal cruelty was caught on camera. The owners of a … Continue reading

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Poor BP won’t make money off the Arctic

BP recently confirmed that it is not pursuing an oil exploration license for the world’s last great oil rush, off Greenland. The Guardian covered this bit of news: …Senior sources confirmed to the Guardian that both the Greenland government and … Continue reading

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“Do not speak to me when you see me”

On 13 January 1978, Edward “Tiger Mike” Davis wrote one of his typical memos to his staff. Davis was the CEO of Tiger Oil Company, back in the good old days when a CEO could say and do just about … Continue reading

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Chicken chicken chicken

A recent TYWKIWDBI post, “for any lecturers in academia who happen to visit this blog,” brought to my mind this classic academic lecture which will stand forever as the pinnacle of all such labors: If you have ever sat through … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

UK hiker Tristan Peers photographed this goat on the Cares Gorge trail in the Picos de Europa, Spain. (Clicking on the image will take you to a page of photos, from which the above goat pic can be downloaded.) Last … Continue reading

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On using a Garmin GPS

During our trip to the Picos de Europa, we made the first serious use of our Honda/Garmin GPS, which came free as a “deal” with our used car purchase. I think I now understand why it was free. Having never … Continue reading

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Sometimes it sucks to be a biologist

I’m back from my break, and a fine time it was! We followed Algarvean tradition and fled north for part of our vacation, spending several days in the gorgeous Picos de Europa. For the first three days it was cloudy … Continue reading

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