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US/Portugal culture: Protesting

The National Organization for Marriage, a group that pulls in significant amounts of money by demonizing and legislating against gays, is conducting a “Summer for Marriage Tour” in the US. Each stop features a handful of NOM members or supporters … Continue reading

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Scenes from Lisboa

A few of the things that make Lisboa so charming, at least to my eyes… — The way architectural beauty just pops up where you least expect it. You look up an ordinary street lined with apartment buildings and whoa, … Continue reading

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Sunfish or moonfish?

We’re back from Lisboa, where we spent a few days playing tourist. While there, we visited the Oceanário, which has a Mola mola in its giant central tank. Now, we saw this Mola a few years ago, on our first … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

We’re sitting in almost 105-degree heat right now (40 C.), so my imagination is conjuring up memories of the cool Oregon coast in summer. Of course, while I lived there I’d rant about the ubiquitous fog and wind and cold … Continue reading

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Commuting past the goats

I wish I’d had a camera in my car today. I was commuting back home after teaching a Pilates class, and as I went through a highway roundabout I saw a herd of about 50 goats streaming across one of … Continue reading

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Closed due to whale

The Cape Town Sailing Academy in Cape Town, South Africa is closed for the next six weeks. Why? Well, they had a little run-in with a southern right whale (Eubalaena australis), and their sailboat did not come out the winner. … Continue reading

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Five-second rule?

A Clemson University professor and his students conducted an experiment to test the famous five-second rule — the one that states that if you drop food on the floor and pick it up again within five seconds, it’s still good … Continue reading

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Cognitive surplus

The Intertoobs are chattering about Clay Shirky’s newly released book, Cognitive Surplus. Shirky grew up like most of us in the western world, watching TV after school and on evenings and weekends. His premise is that modern culture has maximized … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Hope Valley, in Derbyshire, UK. (Click to download larger versions.) Those rocks in the foreground are just begging to be sat on, with a sack lunch in one hand and a copy of Pride and Prejudice in the other. Derbyshire, … Continue reading

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Making music with the solar system

I’ve had this in my blog folder forever (which, in modern terms, means about 3.5 months), and since today is hot and everyone in my house is in heat management mode, it seems appropriate to post something about the coolness … Continue reading

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