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Surface tension and an incipient geyser

Now here’s something I’ve never seen before: a geyser caught in the moment just before it erupts: Click on the image to embiggen. (Photo by Richard Roscoe) The whitish part is steam, pushing the water upward. Soon the forces beneath … Continue reading

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Football points of view

Having watched the first few World Cup games (sorry, Aussies — that was brutal), and enjoyed the varying opinions re: American football and Rest of the World football, I think these two video clips can sum up the entire debate. … Continue reading

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Football…and REAL football

Every four years, Europe comes to a standstill. Not through economic crisis, or military crisis, or any kind of crisis at all — unless you want to call hundreds of millions of people glued to their televisions a crisis. It’s … Continue reading

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Cool news link dump

So much interesting information out there, and so little time! Today I’m going to offer you three links and let you make your own choices. 1. has an extremely cool video of a volcano erupting in Hawaii. The eruption … Continue reading

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Molas migrate!

The ocean sunfish, Mola mola, is possibly my favorite fish of all time. To see them is to love them. How can anyone resist a fish that looks like this? Aquarists affectionately call them Frisbee Fish, for obvious reasons. They’re … Continue reading

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Things you can rent

I asked my wife the other day what the difference was between alugar and arrendar. I know that alugar means “to rent,” and have commonly seen aluga-se signs on buildings, but on a recent bike ride I saw a sign … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

After Saturday’s picture show, I thought it was time for a wallpaper of a pristine coastline. Can you guess where it is? Hint: it’s somewhere in the US. The rocks in the foreground might give you a clue — they’re … Continue reading

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Saturday picture show

The Big Picture at is one of my favorite sites on the web, with its regular themed collections of high-resolution photography. It covers such subjects as festivals in foreign countries, spring flowers in England, and the latest fantastic images … Continue reading

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For whom the bell tolls

The other day I asked a friend about the 11:00 church bells, when she happened to be here as they rang. “Is that for a mass, or a wedding?” I asked. I’ve been hearing these bells for years now, usually … Continue reading

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BP = black humor

BP must be seriously annoyed with the folks behind the “BP Public Relations” Twitter feed. By carefully staying just behind the parody line and never venturing into actual imitation, the organizers give Twitter no reason to take the feed down. … Continue reading

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