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Wallpaper Monday

Remember two months ago, when I posted a fantastic photo — taken by an Earth-bound astronomer — of Atlantis grappling with the Hubble telescope, right in front of the sun? Well, Thierry Legault has done it again. This time he … Continue reading

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Saturday picture show

The picture show this weekend is a day late, due to pressing engagements yesterday (namely, sunshine and a bicycle). For today’s picture show, I will direct you to the NASA Earth Observatory, which is featuring side-by-side comparisons of satellite photos … Continue reading

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Oh, THAT’S how you say it

One of my friends was recently telling me about the trauma she experiences driving her young son and his two buddies to school. “He’s in a growth phase where he stinks,” she said, and added that with three boys that … Continue reading

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Portuguese body culture

Do you know what I have never yet seen in Portugal? This: I was thinking about it the other day during an email conversation with a friend regarding, of all things, the specialty food we buy for our cat. I’d … Continue reading

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They’re not listening to you

From the New York Times: Mr. Obama announced on May 14 a moratorium on drilling new wells and the granting of environmental waivers. “It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

I’ve often wondered — why are so many people terrified of snakes but not of lizards? It seems to be much the same reason why some people are terrified of rats but not of squirrels. There’s nothing logical about it … Continue reading

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My favorite map maker, Raven Maps and Images, just sent me an email alert regarding their latest release: a map of Crater Lake. What timing, considering my recent posts about this magnificent place. I have five atlases from this company, … Continue reading

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Ah, spring, when a young person’s fancy turns to thoughts of…snails. Best served with fresh bread and cold beer. This is the time of year when cafés will have signs outside declaring, “Temos caracóis!” (We have snails!) The café in … Continue reading

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Is the Pope Catholic?

My family used to toss out the above phrase as a pat response whenever anyone asked a question where the answer was patently and transparently yes. But lately I’ve been wondering if that hasn’t outlived its time. Living in a … Continue reading

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Same rationale, different decision

image by *kilroyart Dennise Casey, spokesperson for Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, speaking on why the governor planned to veto the equal marriage bill passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2009: “[The governor] believes this bill is a distraction from the … Continue reading

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