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The best azulejos in Portugal

Ever have one of those moments where you finally go see something you’ve meant to see for years, and then wonder what the heck took you so long? Today we visited the Igreja de São Lourenço (Church of Saint Lawrence), … Continue reading

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Dubai’s answer to the Bellagio Fountain

Dubai does everything bigger. (Best viewed in full screen HD.) A note about the music: “Baba Yetu” was composed by Christopher Tin and sung by the Stanford Talisman, an a cappella group from Stanford University. This is what you get … Continue reading

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iStat Menus 3.0 = candy for geeks

I’ve been using iStat Menus for a couple of years now, all the while marveling that it was donationware. It was such a handy and well-developed bit of software that I couldn’t figure out why the developers weren’t charging for … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Last week’s wallpaper was of a place made beautiful after cataclysmic violence. Today’s feature is of a place made beautiful by a very different sort of destruction: the slow grinding of a glacier. I never associated sun-drenched Portugal with glaciers, … Continue reading

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ISS = claustrophobia

Much as I would love the view on the International Space Station, I’m not sure I’d last long without tranquilizers. Take a tour with Captain Barry Wilmore, pilot of the space shuttle Atlantis, as he escorts viewers from one end … Continue reading

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Volcanic fallout (or, let’s talk about a REAL eruption)

(Click the image above for a comic that convincingly explains how Eyjafjallajökull got its name.) Planes are flying again, though not everywhere, and now the blame game has begun. I’ve been watching this with a bit of amazement. Have we … Continue reading

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Mãe Soberana II

Two weeks ago I posted a short photo essay on the light display around the old São Francisco church during the Mãe Soberana festival. The culmination of that festival was last Sunday, the Festa Grande of Mãe Soberana. This is … Continue reading

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More on Iceland’s unpronounceable volcano

I’m still working on a photo essay post, which is now being pushed back until tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll offer up a couple of very cool items regarding the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. First, Marco Fulle’s gorgeous shot of lightning in … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

Definitely click on that image to see (and download) the full version, because shrinking it to blog size did it no favors. The link takes you to a thumbnail; click on that for the real thing. This is Crater Lake, … Continue reading

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There is such a thing as too pure a mind

This is a religious icon. I kid you not. It’s produced by Atlantis, a Portuguese factory that makes crystal figurines. This one, which is 24 centimeters high (9.5 inches), is called “Nossa Senhora,” or Our Lady. Clearly, not a single … Continue reading

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