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Polish crew rescue dog from ice floe

Here’s a feel-good story to send you off into the weekend: the Polish crew of the Baltica, a ship doing oceanic research in the Baltic Sea, found and rescued a dog that had drifted out to sea on an ice … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for impracticality

One of the first rules you learn when you move overseas is, “Take as little as possible. Dump all the rest. Sell it, give it away, donate it, but get rid of it.” When I moved to Portugal, I got … Continue reading

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Spring and cattle egrets

One of the most enjoyable adaptations I’ve had to living in southern Portugal is the fact that spring comes in January. Having lived at the very temperate Oregon coast, I was already used to early springs, but the Algarve puts … Continue reading

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The iPad is born (and Amazon is nervous)

If you heard a rumbling sound, or detected a slight shaking of the earth at approximately 18:10 GMT (10:10 Apple time), that was the simultaneous nerdgasm felt ’round the world. The iPad has been revealed, and it’s impressive. Looking like … Continue reading

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The Jesus Tablet

Yes, I’m one of the geeks, though I really hadn’t considered that as a name for Apple’s new tablet. The rumor mill has seethed and frothed to an entirely new high these last few weeks. Tomorrow is the day we … Continue reading

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“A Glorious Dawn”

This has been around for a few months, and become so popular that it’s spawned all sorts of follow-ups and imitations. But it’s still the best, and worth reposting for several reasons. First, it’s just beautiful. Second, it’s creative. (And … Continue reading

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Oregon Macs

I spent several years working with a research group at Oregon State University, and enjoyed it. But it’s now very clear that I was working at the wrong university. Because look at what its state rival, the University of Oregon, … Continue reading

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How do you know when a wall or vertical surface in Portugal is either newly built, or newly painted? When it doesn’t have graffiti on it. I give this recently repaired wall by our city park another month, two at … Continue reading

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News flash: Older people can love

Yesterday, while driving down the highway, I got my socks blown off by this billboard advertising fireplaces. So blown off, in fact, that I immediately pulled over and took a photograph: Good lord! Older people can love! They can get … Continue reading

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Mexican crystal cave

In 2000, a group of Mexican silver miners broke through a rock wall and stumbled into something out of a science fiction film: a cave filled with giant white crystals as large as 10 meters (33 feet) long. They’re the … Continue reading

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