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It’s that time

It’s officially spring in the Algarve: the almond trees burst into bloom last weekend. And I do mean burst. This paragraph from the romantic myth of the Algarve almond trees actually rings true now: The sultan did as she suggested, … Continue reading

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Gas and lunch

I had lunch today in one of my favorite cafés, which is very Portuguese in its food, clientele, and prices: five euros paid for a plate full of curried chicken and vegetables, including a side of carrots in garlic, cilantro … Continue reading

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A moment of levity

Yesterday, my Pilates class hit a little bump when the stereo failed. Music is fairly critical in Pilates, and I wasn’t keen on doing another 50 minutes of matwork without it. Fortunately, I happened to have my iPad with me. … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

While all of Europe (and the US) lives in fear of Italy’s debt, it’s nice to be reminded that the nation is more than just a financial time bomb. It’s also a place where visitors can find scenes straight out … Continue reading

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Saturday picture show

Shikhei Goh won both the Nature category and the Grand Prize in the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest with this beautifully lit image of a dragonfly in a simulated rainstorm (water provided by a friend with a spray bottle). As … Continue reading

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Geek alert!

Oh boy. Geekgasm approaching. Star Trek: The Next Generation is being re-released on HD Blu-ray, and the difference between the old version and the new, digitally cleaned version is phenomenal. I’ve never had any desire for a Blu-ray player before, … Continue reading

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Crater Lake time lapse

I’m currently in the middle of an editing project, so today’s post will be something of a freebie. It’s a time lapse taken in Oregon’s only national park (and one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my … Continue reading

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Package for J.

Today we ordered lunch from the café in our apartment block, and had a little surprise when the owner said, “Oh, I’ve got a package for you!” As in, from the post office. Turns out the hairdresser, whose shop is … Continue reading

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Dear Angela

A classic bit of holiday marketing on a bus stop in Lisboa: German Chancellor Angela Merkel is holding a bottle of Portuguese liquor, and the attached “gift tag” says: Dear Angela, Portugal is giving its best. Happy Holidays! Though I … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday (and blogiversary!)

As Ana_ñ pointed out (and a good thing, because I’d have forgotten), today is my two-year blogiversary! Hard to believe it’s been that long already. WordPress sent out the annual reports last week, and in 2011 this blog had 99,000 … Continue reading

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