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If political blogs covered sports

Conor Friedersdorf has a low opinion of the political blogosphere’s short-term outlook on long-term stories like the US health care fight: If the political blogosphere covered basketball games, we’d not only be told about shots, makes, and misses, but every … Continue reading

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London for Lovers

File this one under Ads That Make You Do A Doubletake: I did wonder if this was a fake, since it would be the work of twenty seconds in Photoshop to add a Eurostar logo and the text to the … Continue reading

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UK police on their off time

What do Oxford police do with their riot shields when not using them in an official capacity? They make sleds out of them. And as this video makes clear, the shields are perfect for the job — they even have … Continue reading

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US/Portugal culture: health care

My Portuguese friends have been watching the US health care battle with bemusement. “Why is there even a question about this?” they ask. And last night, when news of the House passing the Senate bill was trumpeted all over the … Continue reading

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Just one more

Okay, I can’t resist. There’s one more photo of the Atlantis mission to the Hubble telescope (see prior two posts) that simply must be shared. One of the most knockout pictures of the whole mission was taken by an astronomer … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Monday

After seeing the reader reaction to the Rosetta probe’s image of Earth, it occurred to me that perhaps I should make a regular habit of posting images that would make good computer wallpaper. I had one all lined up for … Continue reading

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Nerdgasm alert

Ohmigosh omigosh omigosh! Did you know that when the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis went on their critical repair mission to the Hubble telescope, they took an IMAX camera with them?! So now we have a 3D IMAX film … Continue reading

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They’re here!

Yesterday evening I heard the first screaming party of the year! I dashed outside and sure enough, three swifts flashed by at Ludicrous Speed. I had a sudden urge to make a gin and tonic and sit out on the … Continue reading

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We grow ‘em big in Oregon

We humans love to find the extremes of things. We admire redwoods because they’re the tallest trees in the world, and bristlecone pines because they’re the oldest, and sequoias because they’re the biggest. So I don’t understand why it’s not … Continue reading

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Octopodes and HDTV

What timing! I post about the intelligence of octopodes, and boom, a pair of Australian researchers discover that octopodes are too smart to react to standard television. The scientists were trying to study octopus behaviors using videos of things like … Continue reading

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