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Flood in Madeira

By request, I’m posting on the local information regarding the flood in Madeira. It really does seem to be as bad as the English sources are reporting; the death toll is now up to 43 and still rising, with 70 … Continue reading

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Europe’s alcohol belts

Strange Maps features an intriguing map showing Europe divided into three alcohol belts: the Wine Belt of the south, the Beer Belt in the middle latitudes, and the Vodka Belt (or Distilled Spirits Belt) of the north. Each is influenced … Continue reading

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Which is the tallest mountain?

Another bit of trivia I stumbled across while researching yesterday’s post… If you ask a random person which mountain is the tallest on the planet, the vast majority of them will say Mt. Everest and feel quite certain that they’re … Continue reading

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How many moons?

While doing a bit of research for the Death Star Moon post, I learned that my information on Saturn’s moons is a bit outdated. So here’s a trivia question: how many moons have been discovered orbiting Saturn so far? A … Continue reading

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Power up the weapon

Those of you who aren’t astronomy geeks might be surprised to learn that some years ago, scientists found this orbiting Saturn: Kidding. But what they did find looked awfully similar: This is Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn. It … Continue reading

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Conservative, my ass

While preparing to move to Portugal, I bought a couple of travel books to know what to expect. One of them said, “Portugal is still a very conservative nation. Female travelers should not wear sleeveless dresses or tank tops in … Continue reading

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Republicans against everything

American politics neatly summed up in one editorial cartoon…

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“No one is tone deaf”

Every year the TED conference in Long Beach, California, features invited speakers who give 18-minute talks on anything from brain research to astrophysics to playing guitar. It costs a bundle to hear them live, but since TED’s motto is “Ideas … Continue reading

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Good news update: Baltic

Remember Baltic, the dog who floated some 75 miles on ice floes and was finally rescued at the last minute by the crew of a Polish research boat? Well, it turns out that he didn’t accept any of the people … Continue reading

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Crossing the finish line

Courtesy of AFP/Getty comes this slice of the action at the Vancouver Olympics: Posted by the Telegraph which captioned the photo: A lynx that wandered onto the course crosses the finish line during the first official training for the Men’s … Continue reading

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